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Peace Process

  • US shuts down PLO office | September 13, 2018
    The Trump administration has closed the PLO office in Washington as Palestine urges the International Criminal Court to investigate Israeli war crimes in its plan to demolish Bedouin village Khan al Ahmar. .....
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  • The women waging peace | December 12, 2016
    A 30,000-strong non-partisan Israeli women’s movement is trying to influence the country’s leadership to go back to the negotiating table. At least 1,000 Palestinian women joined a two-week march the movement organised last October. But with settlement construction continuing unabated and the Knesset drafting laws that, Palestinians say, are set to bury the two-state solution for good – the movement is not without its critics. .....
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  • Why We Need International Recognition of the State of Palestine | October 20, 2014
    Sweden’s recent responsible decision to officially recognize the State of Palestine was quickly followed by the British Parliament’s vote for similar recognition. The Swedish and British moves, clearly grounded in a desire for peace, are a last-ditch effort to save the two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. .....
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  • Unpacking Kerry’s “Apartheid” slip | April 30, 2014
    It was only a matter of time. After a flurry of outrage over John Kerry throwing the ‘A’ word into the slanging match of the Peace Process, the US Secretary of State has backtracked. The use of “apartheid” to describe a potential future for Israel, he said yesterday, was unfortunate: “if I could rewind the tape,” he told a Fox News interviewer ... .....
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  • After Israel cancels prisoner release, PA turns to UN in response | April 02, 2014
    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed documents requesting membership in 15 United Nations institutions on Tuesday 2 April in an attempt to gain Palestinian statehood outside the auspices of the current peace negotiations. In doing so, Abbas broke his initial promise, made as part of the agreement which brought the two sides ... .....
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  • Peace talks on brink of collapse after canceled prisoner release | April 01, 2014
    The Israeli government refused to release a group of 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners on Saturday 29 March originally arranged under an agreement which brought the two sides back to the negotiation table back in July 2013 . The coalition government of PM Netanyahu is demanding a clear commitment from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to extend the... .....
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  • No right of return in a Jewish state | March 18, 2014
    Talking to Israeli public radio on 11 March, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he would only agree on a peace deal that includes Palestinian recognition of the Jewish state and that forgoes the Palestinian right of return, repeating the already known Israeli position. Recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is unacceptable for... .....
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  • Continued settlement expansion harms negotiations | March 10, 2014
    Israeli authorities recently approved extensive measures that will expand illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. These actions come in the midst of the latest round of peace talks, and have drawn disapproval from the European Union and the US State Department. .....
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  • Nonviolent protest village "Ein Hijleh" brutally evicted | February 07, 2014
    After 1:15 AM, on Thursday 7 February, many hundreds of Israeli soldiers, with bulldozers and sound bombs, invaded the Palestinian protest village of Ein Hijleh. Hundreds of volunteers from across the West Bank were scattered across the area, with dozens severely beaten and detained, including activists, journalists, men, women, and children. .....
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  • Ein Hijleh in photos | February 04, 2014
    Hundreds of Palestinian and international activists erected a protest village on the ruins of Ein Hijleh in Jordan Valley on Friday 1 February 2014. Organized by Melh Al-Ard (Arabic for "Salt of the Earth"), a new direct action campaign, the move comes in response to Israel’s ongoing attempts to colonize and potentially annex the area. .....
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  • Israel to maintain control over Jordan Valley via construction of Wall | November 08, 2013
    On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his plans to construct a barrier along the Jordanian border, according to the Israeli daily Maariv (Hebrew). The wall will be built upon completion of the ones along the Egyptian and Syrian borders and will pass through the Jordan Valley, closing off the West Bank from Jordan. .....
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  • Israeli settlement expansion undermines peace talks, again | August 15, 2013
    Tuesday August 13th-The Israeli government approved more than 900 new housing units in the Gilo settlement of East Jerusalem just hours before Israeli and Palestinian negotiators sat down in Jerusalem to resume peace talks. Two days earlier, , Israel’s Housing Minster announced plans to build almost 1200 new units in a number of West Bank and..... .....
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  • Israel to release 26 Palestinian prisoners | August 07, 2013
    Israel is set to release 26 prisoners next week, august 13th, the first of four “batches” of Palestinian detainees who are scheduled to be freed during the course of the peace talks. In a statement on Sunday, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat confirmed “the release of veteran prisoners will be in four batches as Israel refused to release.... .....
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  • Dr. Mustafa Barghouti: Israeli Political Blackmail and the Peace Process | July 30, 2013
    Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative (al-Mubadra), has criticized Israel’s release of 104 Palestinian detainees as a form of political blackmail. In a statement made by the former presidential candidate, Dr. Barghouti said this should not be viewed as an act of kindness by the Israeli state but a long .....
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  • European Union Bans Settlement Funding | July 21, 2013
    On June 30th the European Union(EU) published a directive that bars its 28 member states from contracting agreements for funding, awarding scholarships, prizes or research grants to residents in the Israeli settlements. Any future contracts between the EU and Israel will include a “territorial applicability clause” indicating the exclusion of.. .....
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  • Settlement Expansion and the Prospects for Peace | June 21, 2013
    Since the onset of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visits to revive the staled peace talks between Israel and Palestine there has been a sharp increase in settlement expansion plans in the West Bank, with construction rising 335% in the first quarter of 2013.  In the month of June alone, Israel announced its plans to build 1000+ new homes in ... .....
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