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  • Palestinian annual olive harvest, a struggle to survive | November 07, 2013
    Every year, throughout October and November, Palestinians carry out an ancestral tradition: the olive harvest. Palestinians farmers along with their relatives, friends and international supporters begin picking olives from the eight and a half million productive olives trees that bring economic sustenance to around 100,000 families in West Bank. .....
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  • Our sign is the stone: Stories from Nabi Saleh | October 22, 2013
    The living room of activist and Nabi Saleh Popular Committee member, Manal Tamimi, has turned into a shelter for foreigners and locals during the village’s weekly anti-occupation demonstration. On these days, the room is transformed into meeting centerof violent Israeli military attacks or the training room where, sitting down meanwhile drinking .. .....
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  • Netanyahu makes a plea to strengthen the settlements in West Bank | September 25, 2013
    On Sunday, 22 September, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made public his decision to allow settlers to move back into the Machpelah house in the Old City of Hebron. Netanyahu‘s decision comes just days after an Israeli soldier was shot and killed just blocks away from the contested house by a Palestinian sniper. .....
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  • Mohammed Assaf ‘cheers up‘ Palestine | June 20, 2013
    The second edition of the program, Arab Idol, has turned into quite an event throughout the occupied Palestinian territories. The Beirut based music talent show, based on the British series Pop Idol, is catching the attention of Palestinians like no other TV show has before.  Gathering around the TV at home, in cafes and restaurants or attending... .....
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  • Israel bans tourists from visiting West Bank  | June 17, 2013
    A delegation of North American religious tourists was banned from visiting the West Bank recently upon their arrival to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. Israeli authorities at the airport forbade them from entering the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank without an Israeli-issued military entry permit. .....
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  • Israel cancels UNESCO’s visit to the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem | May 22, 2013
    On Sunday 19 May, a few hours before a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) mission was due to arrive in Jerusalem to carry out an examination of the state of conservation of the Old City, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs came up with a surprising announcement, cancelling the visit at the last minute.  .....
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  • Israeli Forces Repress Nakba Commemoration in Jerusalem | May 16, 2013
    The biggest event of this year’s 65th anniversary of the Nakba (Arabic for the catastrophe) took place outside of Damascus Gate in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem. Over 500 Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists gathered for the remembrance, a tribute which was marred by clashes that erupted between Palestinians and the Israeli army ... .....
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  • Intensified protests in Aida camp and the village of al-Khader | April 27, 2013
    During the last month, Bethlehem has witnessed different “spontaneous” protests in different hotspots of the governate.  The clashes between Israeli soldiers have become a kind of routine for the inhabitants of the Aida refugee camp, which lies close to the checkpoint 300— the only access to Jerusalem from north Bethlehem. Since January, three... .....
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  • Sameer Issawi ends his hunger strike on his own terms | April 23, 2013
    The long term hunger striking political prisoner Samer Issawi will be finally released by the Israeli authorities after he reached an agreement with the Israeli Prison Service overnight on Monday April 22. The deal as confirmed by Shireen Issawi, Samer’s sister and lawyer, is that he will spend 8 months in prison starting from April 23 and... .....
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  • UNRWA closes its offices briefly in Gaza before resuming work | April 20, 2013
    On Thursday, April 4 2013, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) announced the shutdown of its operations in the Gaza Strip after protesters stormed the agency’s offices. Demonstrations broke out after it was made public that the main UN agency for Palestinians would cut down its relief budget in the area... .....
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  • "Suicide Note from Palestine" dramatizes the reality | April 09, 2013
    It is the year 2090. A violent Israeli shelling of the Gaza strip is projected on a folding screen. Amal, a student shows up in the middle of the stage lying down in a hospital bed. Her heartbeat has already stopped and she is being resurrected in a medical care center by strange medical staff wear in UN white coats. The Freedom Theatre starts........
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  • Hebron mourns the death of cancer stricken prisoner Abuhamdia | April 05, 2013
    On Thursday March 4, more than 1,000 people attended the funeral of the latest prisoner to die under Israeli custody, 64 year old Maysara Abuhamdia from Hebron. He died on April 2 at the Soroka hospital in Bir Sabe’, where he was transferred to there from Eshel prison last month despite his suffering from throat cancer since August 2012. .....
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  • More than one hundred settlers march through Hebron for Passover | March 28, 2013
    On March 27, almost 150 settlers took part in a march organized in the old city of Hebron due to the Passover celebration.  During the afternoon, at least three different groups of settlers walked from the checkpoint at the beginning of Shuhada Street until they reached a house belonging to a Jewish family in Shalaleh Street, which is... .....
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  • Ayman Sharawneh ends hunger strike, exiled to Gaza by Israel | March 25, 2013
    After almost 8 months, former prisoner Ayman Sharawneh ended his hunger strike. On Sunday, March 17 he was transferred on a 10 year deportation deal to the Gaza Strip where he immediately received medical treatment at the Shifa Hospital. Deportation was the precondition for Sharawneh’s release. He faced just two possibilities: either to sign on... .....
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  • Women on hunger strike for the "Old Prisoners" | March 18, 2013
    Sawsan and Nasim Shaheen are two sisters that began their hunger strike together on February 20 in a tent in front of the United Nations building in Ramallah. They have joined the Palestinian hunger striking prisoners in order to demand the liberation of political prisoners incarcerated by Israel.  The youngest one, Sawsan, is thirty four and... .....
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