Friday, September 25, 2020

Emily Mulder

  • Egyptís turmoil results in demise of Gazan Palestinian image and livelihood | August 20, 2013
    Thaíer Abdullah, a resident of Gaza, doesnít support Hamasí relations with recently ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsiís Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) in Egypt. †He doesnít think he is among a minority holding this belief in Gaza, either. Between the Egyptian militaryís current attitude towards Palestinians in Gaza, however, and Hamasí ... .....
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  • Day of Rage | August 04, 2013
    August 1, 2013-Protests rocked Israel and the West Bank in a ďDay of RageĒ yesterday. Protesters responded to Israelís decision to implement a plan which will displace the Arab Bedouin from the Naqab (Negev), severing them from their historical ties to their land and denying them the chance to be treated as more than second class citizens......... .....
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  • Football Under Occupation | July 30, 2013
    When FIFA President Sepp Blatter called on Israel earlier this month to ease travel restrictions placed on players of the Palestinian National Football team, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Blatter not to make football a political tool.Palestinian football players have never had the luxury of asking Israeli authorities to separate.......... .....
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  • Enter a prisoner, leave a leader | July 22, 2013
    Israeli jails are being redefined by their prisoners from a living hell to a space of resistance through organized education. While the organization of Palestinians within jails is not limited to detained students, the high rate of arrests in An-Najah University of Nablus forges a link between academics, politics, and imprisonment for these........ .....
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  • Israeli soldiers return Palestinian flags to activists | July 17, 2013
    Three Palestinian activists followed an Israeli soldier back to his vehicle, demanding the return of the Palestinian flags and kufiyas he had taken after pulling them over after a demonstration on July 7, 2013. Activist Jamil Barghouti was hit with a tear gas canister from close proximity during the demonstration, and the group was on their way... .....
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  • Popular Struggle clashes with Israeli forces | July 10, 2013
    Demonstrators gathered last Wednesday, July 3, in an attempt to gain access to a road closed to Palestinians for over two years by the Israeli Defense Forces. The demonstration was organized through the collaborative efforts of Palestinian NGOs, the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, and leaders of the popular struggle movement, including.... .....
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  • Israel Seizes Bedouin Outhouse | July 03, 2013
    The confiscation of an outhouse in the Bedouin village of Umm al Khair near Hebron last week signifies just how far Israelís policies in the West Bank extend in preventing villagers from establishing a home. Israelís Civil Administration, which oversees policy implementation in Area C of the West Bank, deems nearly every structure in the village......
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  • Israelís High Court delays justice for deaths in the Abu Rahmeh family | June 25, 2013
    Two members of the Abu Rahmeh family were killed on separate occasions during demonstrations in Bilíin, a West Bank village near Ramallah. A third was shot while being held by Israeli soldiers at nearby Niílin village. In all three cases, the Abu Rahmeh family faced initial refusal by the Israeli military to open investigations, avid denial ... .....
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