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WATCH: Released interrogation video of Ahed Tamimi gives evidence to breached rights of minors

By Ruth Regan - April 10, 2018
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On April 9, footage of Ahed Tamimi’s interrogation, following her arrest last December, was released to the public. 

The video, filmed on December 26, showed a police interrogator and an Israeli military intelligence officer, both male, soliciting various tactics to coerce Ahed into speaking.
She responded largely with silence.
Ahed Tamimi’s father, Bassem Tamimi addressed a press conference held in Ramallah, stating his daughter “understands what it means to resist this occupation.”
He called her silence during interrogation a strategy of resistance. Bassem told press that by refusing to even answer her name, she showed resistance to occupation in all its forms.
Ahed demonstrated this rejection of the entire system of occupation by telling reporters “there is no justice under occupation and this court is illegal,” after her sentencing.
Ahed’s treatment mirrors the findings of B’Tselem’s recent report on the systematic violations of minors in Israeli courts which found, for instance, Palestinian minors to be deprived of food, sleep and water before interrogations.
Bassem said Ahed was deprived of sleep for over 34 hours in the final round of interrogations.
Other psychological tactics employed were isolation; continuous transportation through what he described as “essentially a metal box” and intimidation and threats from other criminals.
Bassem contextualised the interrogation footage by saying it shows “how Israel targets the Palestinian child” and “the occupation targets childhood.”
45,000 Palestinian children have been detained by the military in the last 50 years and human rights organisations have reported violent arrests, traumatising interrogations, the use of solitary confinement and even reports of electric shocks, strangulation and being kept naked in the cold.
Efforts to elicit a response from Ahed also involved threatening to take people known to her into custody if she did not speak about them.
“It’s in your hands,” the interrogators told her, after listing some names.
In another portion of the footage interrogators remarked to Ahed about her appearance.
One officer told her her white skin reminded him of her sister. “How are you in the sun?” he asked, “Like my sister? Red, red, red?”
Ahed’s Israeli lawyer, Gaby Lasky, has accused interrogators of sexual harassment following the footage, based upon the questioning being inappropriate for a female minor and the lack of another female in the room.
“I see you as my sister, she [Nariman Tamimi, Ahed’s mother] is like my mother because you know she is older,” the officer continued, trying to evoke a personal response.
When Ahed did speak, it was usually to repeat the refrain, “I hold the right to remain silent.”
Otherwise the footage shows her sitting steadfast and defiant, appearing unflapped, avoiding eye contact and looking straight ahead.
At one point she stretches her neck. An interrogator meanwhile sits with his chair facing her, shouting and gesticulating.
Baseem concluded that the footage shows “Ahed and her generation are not victims but fighters.”
In sharing this video, he hopes they can teach children “how to confront the interrogator without fear entering their hearts” while hoping parents watching can see how their children, collectively, are strong and able to confront occupation.

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