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The World Social Forum Free Palestine: A platform for solidarity with Palestinians

By Editor - September 28, 2012
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Since its inception in 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the World Social Forum has endeavored and sustained itself every year into becoming an open venue for international hotbed topics against neo-imperialism, globalization, and oppressive new world orders. The WSF, which positions itself as in opposition to all forms of colonialism, racism, and hegemony, annually operates to generate a ground for civil society organizations, social movements, and activist groups to engage in open discussion, strategizing, sharing experiences and proposal thinking all as alternatives to neo-liberal policies.

In this vein, the World Social Forum Free Palestine is a platform for effective mobilization enriched by the global encounter between popular networks and those committed to promote justice and equality.

A member of the mobilizing committee of the WSF further capitalized on this point stating that “the WSF will be an opportunity to solidify the movement of solidarity with Palestinians and promote internal learning, build consensus around the Palestinian civil society call for BDS of Israel, establish cross struggle alliances particularly with the global South and launch global campaigns/initiatives to hold Israel accountable.”

Supporters who are mobilizing across the world, by organizing in their own countries, cities, work places, groups and affinity sectors are aiming for precisely this reason.

The campaign has been diligently working on rallying contact bases in a myriad of diverse countries, involving all sectors of society from trade unions to religious organizations, LGBT groups, development NGOS, social movements, etc in order to convene this year in Porto Alegre November 28th-December 1st to challenge the policies of the Israeli occupation through networking and attentive coordination and to gain more awareness of Palestinian calls to bring Israel to accountability, such as the flourishing Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) that took off in 2005.

The Palestinian preparatory committee, as mentioned on the WSF-Free Palestine’s multi-language website, is formed of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian citizens of Israel and refugees , and is currently working on uniting all Palestinian political forces, the main civil society networks, unions, coordination bodies and campaigns.

The Israeli occupation, a colonialist-settler enterprise which has built a state over the massacre, ethnic cleansing, and systematic subjugation over the indigenous Palestinian population for over 64 years, is largely misunderstood across the world as a conflict of religious strife or land ownership. The fact of the matter remains that Israel is an Apartheid state, and the WSF Free Palestine in keeping with the traditional themes of the WSF calling for decolonization, an end to occupation, and the demand of full and equal rights for Palestinians, seeks to encourage activists and international campaigns from across the world to attend and participate in this year’s forum, to learn more about the Palestinian cause and to dynamically interact for the purpose of creating further mobilizing tactics and a means for ending the system of Apartheid that govern the lives of 5 million Palestinians.

After all, the Palestinian cause is just another fraction in the patchwork of oppressed nations and the priority is to find common ground with other causes and familiarize ourselves with international campaigns that share universal grievances with ours, all for the hope of bettering the world for the human beings across the globe.

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