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Islam al-Tubasi - deliberately killed by Israeli forces?

By Tim Vlostek - September 19, 2013
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A bullet-riddled house in the Jenin refugee camp. Photo (archive) by Eugene Peress.

In the early hours of Tuesday 17 September Israeli military forces entered the Jenin refugee camp and killed a man they were supposedly trying to arrest. 

The soldiers used an explosive charge to blow open the front door to the family home of Islam al-Tubasi, age 19. Islam was reportedly first shot in his leg inside the house; however, there are conflicting reports whether he was shot while still in bed or as he was trying to escape. According to statements made to Maan News by Al-Tubasi's brother, Ibrahim, Islam was first brought up the roof where he was shot in the leg, and then dragged down two flights of stairs. Ibrahim then said he heard more gunshots once the soldiers had dragged Islam out of the house, adding, "I am sure that Islam was shot dead before he was transferred to hospital via military ambulance.”

Mustafa Ramadan, a filmmaker at the Freedom Theater located in the Jenin refugee camp, told the Palestine Monitor what he had heard about the incident from members of the camp. When the soldiers entered Islam’s home, “They beat the mother, they beat [his] brother and they beat him while he got shot in the leg. Then they took him from the roof, from his legs and they pulled him down all of the stairs and probably that’s the real reason of him getting die…his head was hitting  the stairs and they dragged him in the streets and then they shot him one more time and they took the body with them inside of Israel.”

 Al-Toubasi was declared dead soon after arriving to Israel’s Al-Khoderia hospital, located within Israel proper. It is unclear whether he died from the gunshot wounds or the trauma of being beaten and dragged down two-flights of stairs.
Residents of the camp said that later in the morning at least twenty armored Israeli military vehicles and a military ambulance invaded the area, leading to clashes with dozens of students who were heading to school. In the ensuing violence, Salah Nael Ghazzawi, age 13, was shot in the leg.
This is not the first time a member of the al-Tubasi family has been killed by armed Israeli forces. In 2006, undercover Israeli commandos shot and killed Islam’s brother, Ahmad al-Tubasi, who was also a member of Islamic Jihad. A spokesman for Islamic Jihad told AFP that Islam was a member of their organization. 
This is the second time in the last four weeks that an Israeli incursion into the refuge camp in Jenin has led to killings. Last month, another IDF arrest operation in Jenin ended in one man killed and two people injured on of who later died of his injuries. 
Mustafa said that after the incident, the Israeli soldiers were shooting so much tear gas that schools in and around the camp had to close and send students back to  their homes. “This is it,” he added, speaking about the intent of the Israeli military that had left three dead in the refuge camp this month, “they come and they want to kill… they want to come and tease people so they can have reaction and there are many people now saying that this could be the opening of the 3rd intifada.”

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