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Israeli government plans to cut funds from PA after fires damage crops

By Alicia Ramos Perez - June 11, 2018
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Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, instructed the national security chief on May 2 to introduce tax deductions from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to repair damage caused by burning kites sent from Gaza. 

Netanyahu communicated his intentions through a tweet, stating the following: “I have instructed National Security Council head, Meir Ben Shabbat, to advance a system to deduct from Palestinian Authority funds the compensation that Israel will pay Gaza border communities for the damage caused by recent arson attacks.”
Netanyahu’s office has not disclosed yet how much money would be deducted. However, Amir Dan, an official from Israel’s tax authority told Israeli Army Radio that the damage would cost around 5 million shekels.
In addition to Netanyahu’s statements, the Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs and Public Security, Gilad Erdan, threatened through tweets that Palestinians who launch kites from Gaza should be 'stopped’. Erdan stated “the promoters of the kites should be the target for the prevention of Sderot,” referring to the Israeli city close to the Gaza barrier.
Haaretz reported the flaming kites from Gaza would force the Israeli Defence Force to retaliate as several roads leading to Sderot had to be closed due to the fire.
According to Wafa news, the Palestinian Government has warned Israel against deducting the funds it recollects on behalf of the Palestinian tax payers. Israel is wanting monetary compensation towards the Israeli farmers whose lands have been burnt in the close periphery of Gaza’s boundaries due to burning kites sent from Gaza.
The spokesman of the Palestinian Authority, Yousef al-Mahmoud, replied to Netanyahu’s plans as an “act of robbery and banditry”. Al-Mahmoud then continued saying that “the Israeli government is plotting to steal funds of the Palestinian people. This is an act of aggression committed by thieves in the form of Israeli officials.”
The inflammable kites have been a response towards the indiscriminate killing of 120 Palestinians and injuring of thousands by the IDF in Gaza during the non-violent protests at the border with Israel.
Israeli occupation forces have been targeting and killing peaceful protesters. Now, the perpetrators of these criminal acts against human rights and international law are asking for monetary compensation towards the damages created by the kites.
The controversial request for deducting money from Palestinian taxpayers comes a few weeks after several settlers attacked Palestinian crops just months before harvest, leaving the Palestinian farmers without a source of income. There has been no economic compensation from Israeli government towards the destruction of Palestinian lands. This has also been deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice.
According to Wafa News, Israel collects $100 million every month in taxes on the goods imported by and are destined to Palestinian territories. This is so, since the Palestinian borders are under Israeli control.

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