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Poll shows discrepant views among Palestinian youths in the West Bank and Gaza

By Bao Yen - April 27, 2016
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Palestinian youths in the West Bank and in the Gaza strip have different opinions regarding the recent wave of attacks, according to a new poll.

The Jerusalem Media and Communication Center (JMCC), a Palestinian organization based in East Jerusalem, conducted an opinion poll among Palestinian youths throughout the West Bank and Gaza in April 2016.

A sample of 1000 Palestinians from the age of 15 to 29 years old, were interviewed face-to-face and asked to respond to questions based on the recent wave of violent attacks that began last October.

The results show a differing of opinions among youths, in which almost half of the respondents in the West Bank (47 percent) opposed knife attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis while the majority of Gaza respondents (78 percent) supported their continuation.

A predominant number among youths asked, both in the West Bank and in Gaza, however believe that the current unrest serves the Palestinian cause.

Since last October 2015, Palestinians have perpetrated at least 270 attacks, killing 29 Israelis and four foreigners while wounding more than 250 people in mostly long-wolf stabbings, shootings and car rammings against soldiers and civilians.

At least 200 Palestinians were killed during these attacks, which had been near-daily in the first few months of the wave of violence.

Many Palestinian political factions, mainly Gaza-based, such as Hamas or Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine, have applauded the increasing violence, calling it the al-Quds Intifada, or Jerusalem uprising.


The ruling party in the West Bank, Fatah, has however remained silent on the issue.

The Shin Bet reported earlier this month a significant drop in attacks by Palestinian, from 78 in October 2015 to 30 in March 2016. In response to the increasing number of attacks, many security measures have been enforced such as more frequent operational raids and arrests.


Almost all of the major attacks were thwarted by Israeli forces, many have resulted in Palestinian attackers being shot dead at the scene.

When asked about the Palestinian future, the majority of the Palestinian youths (70 percent) interviewed by JMCC in the West Bank and the Gaza strip, expressed pessimistic views.  


A large number of the respondents also shows little confidence in the Palestinian political factions.



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