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The US’ greater pro-Israel move after the announcement of a Jerusalem embassy

By Martin Leeper - April 03, 2018
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Last week US president Donald Trump fired his National Security Advisor (NSA) H.R. McMaster and hired, in his place, the former UN Ambassador, John Bolton. John Bolton has worked for three republican administrations, reaching as far back as Reagan, and has never wavered in his endorsement of American intervention or regime change. 

He has also never wavered in his support for Israel. He has supported all military action in Iraq and Afghanistan, advocated for more in Libya, he has advocated for preemptive war with Iran, he is anti-muslim and in 2006 he has unilaterally sold out US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by passing Israel information on a peace plan with Hezbollah.
John Bolton is now Israel’s greatest ally in the offices of the US President.
In a tweet (translated from Hebrew), Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home Party said; “President Trump continues to appoint Israel's true friends to senior positions. John Bolton is one of the most prominent of them.”
The NSA is a senior aide with direct, daily contact with the US President. The position chairs the National Security Committee when the president is not present and is generally tasked with filtering the wide array of national intelligence and security information for the president. Their staff creates the briefings and shape the security priorities for the oval office. It is arguably the most powerful position that does not require any democratic, congressional confirmation and does not need to be approved by the US Senate.
The position, therefore, gains particular significance in a room with a president proven to be sporadic, ill-informed and easily persuaded by whoever he speaks to last. From now on, regarding the most paramount international issues that person will be John Bolton.
This is terrifying news for Palestine and much of the Arab world. Former US President Jimmy Carter and nobel peace prize laureate, is one of the few American politicians in office or out who openly rejects Israel’s occupation of Palestine. In an interview on CBS This Morning, Carter said; “I think John Bolton is a disaster for our country.” For Carter, the hiring of Bolton is “maybe one of the worst mistakes that President Trump has made since he’s been in office.”
In the Trump administration, it is impossible to predict who is going to have what kind of influence. Infighting, turnover and a command in chief who prides himself on chaos makes being sure about anything untenable.
What can be sure, however, is the man with the continuous and often final word on national security issues for President Trump has said in a recent op-ed, “the most attractive prospect is to attach the disparate Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to their neighboring contiguous Arab states, Jordan and Egypt, respectively. We might call this a 'three-state solution.'”
Not merely opposing a two-state solution, Bolton wants to dissolve the idea of Palestinian’s having any right to self-determination. These are the thoughts of the man interpreting global conflicts for the US president. This should be terrifying for any Palestinian, more concerning, even, than recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or moving the US embassy.

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