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Mystery surrounds the death of two Palestinian scientists

By Marc Henry - July 25, 2018
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According to the Palestinian Embassy in Algeria, two Palestinian scientists have been found dead in an apartment in Algiers. The circumstances surrounding their deaths were unclear.

The two scientists have been identified as Suliman al-Farra, 34, and Mohammed Albana, 35, both from Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. One was working as a doctor and the other as a scientific researcher, with both believed to have been studying in Algeria.
Reports in Gaza said the two men, found in al-Farra’s apartment on Sunday, were brothers. According to a local news agency in Gaza, the police found one of the corpses near the door, while the other was found in the bed.
According to the initial reports, the Palestinian Embassy in Algeria told the family of one of the deceased that the cause of death was of gas inhalation or due to a short circuit.
Other media reports said that the circumstances of their death were mysterious and possibly the result of strangulation or electric shock, raising suspicions of Israeli involvement.
The latter, however, has been denied by the Palestinian Embassy in Algeria, saying no foul play was suspected.
Palestinian Ambassador to Algeria, Loai Issa, told Wafa that: “an autopsy will be conducted on the bodies on Monday [July 24] to ascertain the cause of the death.”
The family reportedly maintains that Israel is to blame for their deaths.
“We don’t have any more details, I expect the authorities in Algeria and the Palestinian Embassy there to do everything necessary to understand what happened,” said Albana’s brother to Press TV.
While both media reports and the Palestinian Embassy of Algeria deny Israeli involvement, it is not the first time that Palestinian deaths have been surrounded by mystique.
Over the recent years, multiple Palestinian scientists have been killed around the world, with most of the cases linked to Israel’s Mossad espionage agency.
In April Palestinian engineer Fadi al-Batsh was assassinated by two unidentified motorcyclists at a mosque in Malaysia.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement said Israel’s spy agency Mossad was behind the assassination.
This was supported by the Malaysian government stating that “foreign agents” might have been involved in the killing of the Hamas member.

Although Israel initially denied reports of its involvement, Israeli media reported that it is natural to attribute the assassination of Fadi Al-Batsh to Mossad, given the similarity between that and previous Mossad missions.
Hamas has also accused Mossad of assassinating one of its drone experts in Tunisia in 2016 when Mohamed Zouari was shot not less than twenty times while waiting in his car near his home. According to Tunisian authorities, the killers used pistols fitted with silencers.
Mossad is also believed to have been behind the 2010 murder of top Hamas militant Mahmud al-Mabhuh in a Dubai Hotel.
Lead image: Suliman al-Farra, 34, and Mohammed Albana, 35. Source: Sinar Online.

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