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Khader Adnan‘s hunger strike enters 36th day

By Editor - June 09, 2015
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Khader Adnan’s condition is deteriorating as he enters the 36 day of hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention. He is currently being held at Israel’s Ramle prison clinic having been transferred from Israel’s Hadarim prison in central Israel.

Adnan is refusing treatment by doctors employed by the Israeli government and in recent days has escalated his hunger strike, refusing to take anything other than water. He had previously subsisted on both salt and water, electronic intifada reports.

The 39 year-old is being held by Israeli authorities in an administrative detention, without having been tried or convicted under specific charges, a practice which began under the British mandate and is continued by Israeli authorities. Administrative detention is illegal under international law.

Adnan was detained on July 8, 2015 near Jenin in a series of arrests of previously held prisoners. He is being held without having been charged for the 10th time in his life, Ma’an News Agency reports. In 2012 in Israel, Adnan took part in a 66-day hunger strike, the longest of its kind in history, against his administrative detention then.

Adnan’s wife has called for members of the public to mobilize to protest his detention, the electronic intifada is reporting. “[During] the last time, serious protests on the ground began only after the 45th day of his hunger strike and after he was nearing [danger to his life]. We cannot wait so long this time,” she said.

According to B’Tselem, 412 Palestinians were held in Israel under administrative detention as of March 2015. The practice has been criticised by international organisations including Amnesty international. In 2012, Amnesty has urged Israel to, “to end the practice of administrative detention and to release detainees or charge them with an internationally recognizable criminal offence and try them according to international standards.”

Khader, who is a father to six children, was born in Jenin. Middle East Eye describes Adnan as “a mild mannered baker,” prior his gruelling 2012 hunger strike. According to the electronic intifada, Adnan’s father has criticised the Palestinian Authority for not intervening on the family’s behalf.

“The Palestinian Authority regards my son as a threat because while Khader supports all forms of resistance, the Palestinian Authority supports all forms of normalization,” he said.


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