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Appeal from Palestinian Medical Relief Society to International Community

November 13, 2015
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Early Thursday morning, Israeli security forces raided the Al Ahli hospital in Hebron and killed a 28-year-old Palestinian man.


IDF plainclothes officers stormed the hospital to arrest Azzam Shalaldah, 20 years old, a patient at the hospital receiving treatment. Israeli forces shot and killed Azzam Shalaldah’s cousin, Abdullah Shalaldah, 28 years old, at the scene. They also arrested Azzam Shalaldah, taking him into custody.


There was no legitimate reason for the extra judicial execution of Abdullah Shalabah.


PMRS condemns the criminal behavior of the Israeli army, which violates international law, human rights and the medical neutrality of hospitals and health institutions.


Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, president of PMRS, identified five specific violations in the latest incident:


  1. The Israeli forces, who kidnapped a Palestinian and killed another one, were in civilian clothing at the time.
  2. Israeli forces kidnapped a patient from his bed without due legal process, violating medical neutrality.
  3. Israeli forces executed an innocent civilian for no reason.
  4. Israeli forces jeopardized the lives of other patients and health workers at the hospital.
  5. Israeli forces deceived medical staff at the hospital by disguising the identity of one of the security officers, who was dressed as pregnant women. This is a dangerous abuse of women’s and patient’s rights.

The incident in Hebron is not unprecedented. Over the last two weeks, the Israeli army has invaded Makassed hospital in East Jerusalem three times and demanded access to the medical records of its patients, which is a violation of patient privacy. The hospital was also tear gassed on several occasions, affecting the staff and patients inside.


Additionally, Israeli forces have consistently ignored medical emblems and intentionally targeted medical workers and ambulances working in the field. In one incident, a doctor from Hebron lost his eye after being hit by a metal-coated rubber bullet.


In the month of October, PMRS teams were prevented by Israeli forces from accessing injured people 29 times and ambulances were delayed by more than 30 minutes 50 times. Additionally, 108 PMRS first aiders and paramedics were injured or verbally abused while performing their duties.


PMRS demands immediate international intervention to condemn the actions of Israeli forces and prevent similar attacks in the future. They also request international protection to help medical facilities in Palestine’s Occupied Territories.

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