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Mustafa Barghouti: Ya’alon confirms impossibility of peace with settler government

October 16, 2014
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Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has revealed the true impossibility of any chance of successful negotiations with the Palestinians, head of the Palestinian National Initiative Dr. Mustafa Barghouti said on Wednesday.  

In an interview with Israeli media on Wednesday, Ya’alon said that he is focused on “managing the conflict,” rather than resolving it. The Defense Minister said that Israel is bent on allowing Palestinian autonomy, but not necessarily full statehood.

“I’m not seeking the solution, I am looking for a way to manage the conflict and the relations in a way that strengthens our interests,” Ya’alon said. “We need to free ourselves of the conception that everything will enter the framework of a state. From the perspective, let them call it the Palestinian empire. What do I care? It’s autonomy—if it ends up being a demilitarized area. It’s not the status quo, it’s creating a tolerable modus vivendi that will serve our interests.”

Mustafa Barghouti argued that Ya’alon and his government are committing an act of historic folly in thinking they can allow for an unending occupation and apartheid system, while simultaneously naming it 'Palestinian self-rule.” Barghouti insisted that the Palestinian people would never accept such circumstances and will resist subjugation and the occupation by all means possible.

Ya’alon’s comments, Barghouti said, confirm once again that “we are no where near the stage of solution, but the state of conflict and struggle to change the balance of power.”

“The time has come to get rid of the illusion of Oslo, the illusion of negotiations and the delusion that self-rule is a viable alternative to a free, independent and sovereign Palestinian state,” Barghouti said.

Barghouti pointed out that Netanyahu preceded Ya’alon in refusing the right of Palestinians to an independent sovereign state. These two highly public and influential opinions, Barghouti argued, will help the Palestinians to isolate Israel and tighten the global and growing boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against it. Israel, he said, is moving rapidly toward the fate of the apartheid regime in South Africa.    

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