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Israeli soldiers suppress 9th annual Open Shuhada Street protest

By Ruth Regan - February 26, 2018
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Friday 23 February saw the 9th annual Open Shuhada Street Protest take place in the West Bank’s Hebron (al-Khalil). 

The campaign marks the anniversary of a massacre in the Ibrahimi mosque, where 29 Palestinians were killed and over 100 injured, when American-born Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire during a Ramadan Friday prayer in 1994.
Since the incident 24 years ago, Palestinians have been prevented from moving freely through the streets of Hebron. Families living near Shuhada Street must pass military staffed checkpoints, of which there are 23, just to reach their homes.
Shuhada Street used to be the economic hub of the city but has been closed to Palestinians since the massacre. 513 Palestinian shops have been closed by military order. By 2007, 80% of Palestinians in the old city were unemployed according to United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
The Israeli settlers in Hebron are ideologically extreme and carry out frequent violent attacks.
The Open Shuhada Street Campaign is organised by Youth Against Settlements (YAS). It calls for simultaneous campaigns to take place all over the world and encourages global actions such as demanding finance company Goldman Sachs to stop donating to the Hebron Fund which enables illegal settlers.
  A man at the market cheers the protest as it passes.

As people gathered outside Sheikh Ali al-Bakka Mosque, amongst them young boys from the city, international sympathisers, press and even a group of Heredi Jews who oppose Zionism, YAS coordinator Issa Amro addressed the crowd.
“We will continue our resistance, we will not give up. We are calling to end occupation, to stand against the government and open all the closed shops [and] closed streets in Hebron and [to] dismiss the Israeli settlers from Hebron,” he shouted into a megaphone.
“We want Palestine to be free,” a teenage boy said simply to Palestine Monitor.
Amro estimated about 100 people were in attendance.
  A drum is banged as protestors move through the vegetable market.

Less than five minutes into the route of the protest, which was making its way towards the Old City, scores of protesters were met with a line of Israeli soldiers.
Tear-gas and hand grenades were fired at protesters.
After the scattered protestors eventually regrouped, another face-off was soon initiated at Checkpoint 56 in the Bab al-Zawiya neighbourhood.
Boys stood on platforms and waved flags, others threw stones. The soldiers responded by throwing stun grenades.
“They’re just hand grenades,” muttered a protestor, indicating it was a less-violent day than others are.
“Like Tom and Jerry,” commented a market holder, having to pack up his vegetable stall amid the chaos.
One boy was arrested. Amro said some other activists were slightly hurt and beaten up by soldiers. He also said Israeli soldier violence is typical of the event each year.

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