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Israeli settlers incite violence at Joseph’s Tomb, Nablus

By Naomi Kundera - July 02, 2018
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On June 26 clashes erupted in Nablus as hundreds of Israeli settlers swarmed the city to pray at the site known as Joseph’s Tomb. 

It has been reported that at least one Palestinian youth was shot and wounded with live ammunition by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) officers.
The Palestinian Red Crescent stated they treated dozens of others, including a journalist, who were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas fired by the IDF.
Clashes began after IDF soldiers entered the city of Nablus to secure the tomb for incoming Ultra-Orthodox settlers to pray at.
Palestinian children responded by throwing stones at the invaders, who were then met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition.  
Joseph’s Tomb, near the Balata refugee camp in the East of Nablus City, is believed to be the resting place of the biblical patriarch Joseph and his two sons Ephraim and Manassah. It is venerated as the second holiest biblical site by Samaritan Jews.
Also known as Qasr Yusuf, Joseph’s Tomb is also believed that a local medieval sheikh significant to Muslims, Yusuf al-Dwaik, is buried there.
The tomb has been closed to Muslims since 1967 when Israel officially occupied the West Bank.
Even after the Oslo Accords, which resulted in the tomb falling under the geographical jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority - Area A - it still remains closed to Muslims and is under complete protection by the IDF.
Joseph’s Tomb has been a contested site for decades, with almost constant instances of Israeli settlers invading Area A while being protected by IDF soldiers. The settlers are often seen being shuttled in via large charter buses accompanied by comfortable military escorts.
Just last month almost 6,000 settlers reportedly invaded Nablus to pray at the tomb on the anniversary of the patriarch’s death.
Medical groups reported, again, treating young Palestinians after last month’s clashes for wounds inflicted by live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, and tear gas. Two Palestinians were also arrested.
A video of the settlers praying at Joseph’s Tomb, which incited the following violence last week, was released to Ma’an News Agency.

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