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PMX Festival aims to bring Palestinian musicians to the world stage

By Henry James - April 09, 2018
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The Palestine Music Expo (PMX) is to be held in Ramallah, between the April 11 and 13, celebrating Palestine’s unique music culture that is thriving in the spite of occupation.

The festival is the first of his kind in Palestine.
PMX Co-Founder Rami Younis believes the current political conditions in Palestine makes it difficult for artists to establish their presence in the international music scene. “There is little industry to speak of in Palestine, which makes it challenging for promising Palestinian artists to be heard and promoted around the world,” Younis told Palestine Monitor.
Due to the Israeli occupation and the separation between Palestinians living in 1948 towns and Palestinians in the West Bank, it is hard to establish a local independent music scene. Younis wants to bring together these connections and develop an healthy infrastructure for live music.
“The other problem is that nobody in Palestine is connected to the world,” Younis said.
PMX, now in its second year, aims to bring artists and international music industry professionals together, in an effort to build mutually beneficial relationships and develop valuable networking opportunities.
The 2018 PMX has the wider aim of redressing the perception of the Palestinian territories and to raise awareness of its rich and diverse cultural heritage to allow its artists to establish themselves on the international music scene.
“We have a very unique culture and our music tells a real story. We want to show the world that Palestine is not only occupation but a lot of talent. We want to have more of our musicians to succeed abroad and hopefully train people to be good in the music industry and to excel in what they do,” Younis explained.
In addition to this, the international delegates - from Britain, Brazil, Canada and the USA - will be hosting workshops for local artists and taking part in panels, all of which will be open to the public.
This year, 24 bands, including bands from Gaza, will be performing. Seeing as the Gazan bands can’t travel to the West Bank, due to restriction of movement and the Israeli blockade, they will be aired through the 'big screen’ at the Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah.
Younis wishes to give the Gazan musicians respect and honour by showcasing them in the Festival.
“We are representing a shift in the mindset of the third generations of Nakba Survivor. We are learning to talk directly to the world without the filters of the occupation, without the occupation being a moderator of our will. We want to keep developing our culture and our art and the PMX is a key for this,” Younis concluded. 

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