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Barghouti Demands ICC Justice

By Editor - August 26, 2013
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 Do not let the cover of negotiations hide the crimes of occupation and colonialism,”

—Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

RAMALLAH—On Monday morning, 26 August, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, expressed his horror and disgust of the Israeli occupation’s continued crimes. Early this morning, three unarmed Palestinians, Rubin al-Abed, 32, Yunis Jahjuh, 22, and Jihad Aslan, 20, were killed by live ammunition fired by Israeli soldiers; 15 others were injured. 

“These latest murders are yet another example of the Israeli impunity for murdering civilians,” said Barghouti. “It cheapens the blood of our people, the Palestinian people, to see that such affronts to humanity have become regular occurrences.” 

“These cold-blooded murders are tantamount to war crimes that Israel must be held responsible for,” Barghouti went on to say. 

In order to bring an end to such war crimes as those seen today, the International Criminal Court must not hesitate in punishing the political and military authorities responsible for such atrocities.

“The worst forms of racial discrimination reared its ugly head today. Occupation soldiers shot to kill by aiming at the upper parts of bodies. They blocked ambulances from ferrying wounded people to the hospital. Yunis Jahjuh, severely wounded, was delayed from receiving medical attention, and,  as a direct result of these inhumane actions, was pronounced dead at the hospital,” said Barghouti.  

Dr. Barghothi demanded a clear and definite cease to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in light of these events. He called to lift the farce of these negotiations, during which Israel has pushed forth its campaign of aggression, occupation and settlement activity unabated.

Dr. Barghouti made clear that the crimes of the occupation will not stop until sanctions are imposed on Israel, which continues to shed the blood of Palestinians, implements a system of Apartheid upon Palestinian land, and ignores the most basic of international norms and conventions. 

He noted that this morning’s attack on Qalandia Refugee Camp is similar to the Israeli military incursion into Jenin Refugee Camp one week ago, when Palestinian civilian Majd Mohammed Lahloh was martyred and many others were wounded. 

As Israel continues to toy with the lives of Palestinians, Dr. Barghothi suggested that Palestine should refer Israel’s war crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC) without delay in order to protect the lives and rights of Palestinians. He stated that in order to bring an end to such war crimes as those seen today, the ICC must not hesitate in punishing the political and military authorities responsible for such atrocities. 

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