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17 arrested by Israeli forces during nonviolent action

By J.J. Rhies - May 06, 2019
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Local and international activists and journalists were physically abused and detained by Israeli military during a nonviolent action in the South Hebron Hills on Friday, May 3.


A total of 125 activists and allies from a dozen local and international organisations were involved in fixing a main road that linked some 16 villages, which had fallen into disrepair.


Those present included Palestinians from municipal councils, North American Jews associated with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence (CJNV), an American anti-occupation group, and members of All That’s Left (ATL), an international anti-occupation collective.


Less than an hour into the road repair, Israeli military approached the group and gave them 10 minutes to disperse, saying the area was a closed military zone and those who did not leave would be arrested. Many activists chose to ignore the warning and continued working.


Israeli soldiers then descended on the group as activists chanted, “Diaspora Jews say, 'End the occupation.’”


17 individuals were “assaulted and forcibly arrested,” according to a CJNV Facebook statement, including two Palestinian journalists, three Palestinian residents, and 12 activists, who were dragged by soldiers and detained in Israeli military jeeps, a joint press release from organisers said.


Soldiers handcuffed, dragged and choked individuals as they detained them, a video reveals.


An ATL Facebook statement said activists “were met by military violence, sound grenades, and mass arrest,” describing the aggression as “all part of the systematic effort by the Israeli state to push Palestinians off of their lands.”


“These soldiers were not protecting anyone,” a member of ATL said of the violence. “They were enforcing a system that has and continues to displace and cleanse Palestinians from their land to make room for more Israeli settlements.”


The detained activists were taken to a settlement on the edge of Hebron, released later that day, and then told to stay out of the city for 15 days, Middle East Eye reported.


Nidal Younes, head of Masafer Yatta Council, said fixing the road, which Palestinians were not allowed to repair according to some activists - was a significant means of providing resources to nearby communities and peacefully countering the Israeli occupation.


“When these roads are maintained, families have access to basic resources, like water and food. Rehabilitating this land is also our way of resistance, by making the process of annexation of these lands and confiscation more difficult,” he said.

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