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Israeli forces shoot Norwegian activist

By Marc Henry - August 21, 2018
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A Norwegian activist, Saturday, was shot and injured by Israeli forces as she was helping a Palestinian man getting his car back. 

The forty-three-year-old activist, who is only known as Kristin, was at the weekly anti-settlement demonstration in the village of Kufr Qaddoum, to the east of Qalqilia, as a part of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).
“We were there to witness the clashes and to report and share it. I was standing there and watching, and at the same time letting the Israelis know that we were there,” Kristin told the Palestine Monitor.
As the demonstrations died out, the Norwegian activist and her colleague were approached by a Palestinian man, asking for help to get his car back from the Israeli soldiers. The two ISM-activists agreed to walk with the man to the Israeli soldiers and ask for the car to be given back.
“He walked in front of us, and my colleague and I walked behind him with our hands in the air. I had my phone in one hand filming,” Kristin said.
“The Israeli soldiers were shouting something, and I replied that he [the Palestinian man] just wanted his car back. They shouted it was dangerous here, and then they opened fire at us.”
 A second later, the forty-three-year-old Norwegian felt immense pain as she was struck in the abdomen with a rubber-coated steel bullet.
“It came out of nothing. He didn’t say he was going to shoot me. He just said it was dangerous,” Kristin told Palestine Monitor.
While the Norwegian activist was taken to a Palestinian ambulance for assistance, she was not ready to leave the protest right away.
“I was shocked and sad that someone shot me, but then I got angry and wanted to confront them. But when I came out of the ambulance, my colleague had been hit by tear gas, so we stayed behind,” she said.
The weekly protests have been going on since Israel’s closure of the main road that connects the village of Kufr Quaddoum with the city of Nablus in 2003.
“Before 2003, the residents of Kufr Qaddoum would use a shorter road to the east in order to come and go to nearby cities and villages. However, as the settlements expanded so that they overwhelmed the road, it became closed for Palestinian use,” as written by Addameer Human Rights Association.
“I don’t think [the road] is important for the Israelis, but for the locals, it is the fastest way to Nablus. Instead of driving for five minutes they have to take a 30 minutes drive to get to Nablus. It is their road, but it is only open for the settlers,” Kristin added.
While the forty-three-year-old activist is still recovering from the shock of being shot, she is determined to keep protesting for the rights of the Palestinians.
“It is personal now, but I think I’m a bit more scared. I don’t want to be shot by live ammunition, but at the same time I don’t want to show them that they can intimidate me.”

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