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Dr. Mustafa Barghouti on the destruction of Ein Hijleh

By Editor - February 07, 2014
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Dr. Barghouti was present at the site from the beginning of the project until the Israeli army invaded and forcibly evicted the occupants in the early morning hours of Friday 7 February.  

"I categorically deny the Israeli army claims that there was any stone throwing or any form of violence from people who were stationed inside the village," Barghouti said Friday afternoon.

He affirmed that the people in the village received no warning that they should evacuate the site, contrary to claims by the Israeli military. "In reality," he said, "during the last eight days the Israeli army has been trying to provoke violence in every possible way, and they failed completely because of the discipline of the people in the village."

According to Barghouti and dozens of witnesses, the Israeli invasion included violent beatings and the use of sound bombs, leaving 42 peaceful volunteers injured. Barghouti was also assaulted during the attack and eviction. 

"There is no justification whatsoever," Barghouti continued. "And this aggression was a violation of international law and human rights. And it showed that the Israeli side was pre-planning the evacuation for their unjust political aspirations of  annexing the Jordan Valley and large parts of Area C."

He also added that after the eviction the Israeli army declared the whole area, including the village site, a closed military zone. A convoy carrying essential construction material, including sewage latrine systems and other supplies, was stopped today at noon at an Israeli checkpoint and refused entry. 

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is a member of the Palestinian parliament and one of the organizers of the Salt of the Earth campaign as well as the recently restored village of Ein Hijleh. 

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