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Rockets fired from Gaza land in southern Israel

By Editor - June 05, 2015
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The Israeli air force responded to rock fire from the Gaza strip by targeting Hamas training locations


The Israeli police reported late Wednesday that two rockets were fired from the Gaza strip. Israeli military confirmed the rockets landed in an open area near the southern Israeli cities Ashkelon and Netviot. No injuries were reported.


An organisation referring to itself as the Omar Brigades claimed responsibility for the attacks.


Israeli defence minister Moshe Yaalon said in a statement that Hamas was responsible for the rocket attacks, "even if those doing the shooting are rogue gangs from global jihadi groups trying to challenge Hamas by shooting at us," the Telegraph reported.


Israeli military spokesperson Lt. Peter Lerner  wrote on Twitter, “Israel Following rocket attack IDF attacked 3 targets in Gaza. Hits were confirmed.”


The group calling itself the Omar Brigades said in a statement it was retaliating for Hamas’ killing of an ISIS supporter in Gaza Tuesday, the Telegraph reported. "We are continuing with our jihad against the Jews, the enemies of God, and no one will be able to deter us," the statement reportedly read.



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