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"Price Tag" attacks strike again

By Tim Vlostek - August 23, 2013
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Late Monday night, 19 August, the Beit Jamal Monastery, located near Beit Shemesh just outside of Jerusalem, became the latest target of a “price-tag” attack carried out by Jewish extremists. During the night perpetrators threw a fire-bomb into the entrance of the monastery that houses the Sisters of Bethlehem, and defaced walls of the building with graffiti that read, “Death to the Gentiles”, “price tag”, accompanied by star of David. 

The Beit Jamal Monastery, which in Arabic  means house of beauty, sits approximately 30 km west of Jerusalem and houses a small community of nuns, who belong to the Sisters of Bethlehem. The nunnery  operates a store on the premises that sells olive oil, red wines, and pottery. The sisters, who all take a vow of silence when they join their order, reportedly have good relations with the local Jewish community.

Despite the brazenness of the attack, the crime wasn’t noticed until the next morning, when visitors spotted the graffiti and charred remains of the fire-bomb. Video surveillance footage from the monastery shows a small fire burning for several minutes without causing further damages.

“The violation of the monastery is directly linked to attacks against over twenty Christian and Muslim places of worship in the last three years. The attackers seek to cause unrest between the various religions in Israel and bring about bloodshed,” said Dr. Gadi Gvaryahu, Chairman of the Bright Tag coalition, an organization made up of religious and secular groups working to deter violent “price tag” attacks, in an interview with the Israeli daily Haaretz shortly after the attack. 

Jewish extremists use the term “price tag” as a calling card to mark their attacks against Palestinian and Christian targets in and around Jerusalem, purpotedly in relation for actions taken against settlements in the West Bank. This latest "price tag" episode does not, however, appear to be tied to any recent anti-settlement action.



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