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Separated and ‘illegal’: meet the Palestinians not allowed to live in their own village

By Sarah Bedson - February 20, 2017
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With Palestine Monitor staff
Al-Nu'man, occupied East Jerusalem - Al-Khas and Al-Nu’man used to be one village sharing one village council until Israel illegally annexed Al-Nu’man in 1967, technically incorporating Al-Nu’man into the Jerusalem municipality boundaries and leaving Al-Khas in the West Bank.

However, the inhabitants of the village were given West Bank IDs, rather than the Jerusalem IDs received by most Palestinians in the illegally annexed areas. As such, these residents are considered by Israel to be illegally residing in Jerusalem simply by being in their homes.

The situation took a turn for the worse with the erection of the separation barrier around the village and a permanent Israeli checkpoint serving as the sole entrance and exit point to and from the village.

Villagers are denied building permits, meaning that the expanding families have to live under one roof.

Visitors, including family members and doctors, are refused access and food products are severely restricted in an attempt to render life so insufferable that villagers have no choice but to leave. Human rights group Al-Haq argued these conditions amount to indirect forcible transfer, prohibited under international humanitarian law. For now, around 250 residents remain steadfast. 



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